Restore Your Failing Septic System

Don’t Spend Thousands When this Fix Only Costs a Few Hundred


When your septic system begins to fail there is a sinking feeling about how you are going to pay for the repairs.  Septic contractors regularly quote prices ranging from $4,500 in the lowest cases and as much as $20,000 to replace the drain field and get the system running again.  Regulations vary from city to city and state to state, so depending on your location you could be facing some serious money to get your system working correctly again.

In the past, homeowners would have no choice but to believe the contractors and shell out their hard earned money to have the system repair.  In fact, many homeowners still fall for this, spending thousands of dollars when a few hundred dollars and some patience would do the trick.

The Truth About Restoring Your Septic System

The truth is that just because your septic system is struggling does not mean you need to replace the drain lines.  The cost of these repairs is staggering and IS NOT your only option.  There are a few options that you are able to consider to help relieve some stress on the system and your wallet.

  1.  Replace the Drain Lines – The most expensive of the alternatives, however it will work.  Your new drain lines, if done properly, should function for years and will have your system back running properly in a few days.  The cost is in the thousands of dollars, but it works.  Just be sure to use a trustworthy and reputable septic contractor and don’t be taken advantage of on the price.  Before you do this, we seriously recommend you take a closer look at your other options
  2. Use a Septic Shock Treatment – Septic Shock Treatments have become extremely popular in recent years as the concentration of these treatments has made it possible to restore a septic drain field over the course of a few weeks time, depending on the build up.  These treatments can restore even the most damaged of septic drain fields and have become the “go to” alliterative to replacing your drain lines.  Most septic shock treatments cost a few hundred dollars and provide lasting, long term results.
  3. Pumping the Tank – Many consumers mistakenly think that simply pumping the tank will resolve the problems.  While it may provide you some temporary relief of the symptoms, in a few weeks time, your tank will fill up and the problems will resume.  Regular septic pumping can prevent septic problems from cropping up, but once your issues exist, it does very little for the long term performance of the system.
  4. Jet Blast Drain Lines – Another temporary fix for drain lines is to have them jet blasted or roto rootered as it is sometimes called.  Essentially you apply pressure to the drain lines which pushes the build up in the lateral lines to the end of the line. This temporarily opens up some drainage for you.  But because the pressure does not affect the build up at the soil line, the relief will only last a few months.  Do not consider this a lasting solution to your problems.

You can see that the only two long term solutions are Replacing the Drain Field or Using a Septic Shock Treatment.  One costs a few hundred dollars while the other may cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  Pretty amazing, when you stop and think about it.

Our Brand of Shock Treatment is Called Septicleanse.  It can Solve Your Problem!

septicleanse shockThe Septicleanse brand of septic treatments has a long standing reputation for delivering wonderful results to homeowners who are struggling with septic system problems.  By providing High Quality bacteria, designed to penetrate and liquefy any build up in your system, these Septic Shock treatments grow exponentially stronger within hours of applying it to your system.

This Quick Moving bacteria and enzymes blend is Critical because it will Seek Out and Liquefy the Build Up in your system.  In a matter of just a few weeks time, Septicleanse can work through your entire system and restore proper drainage and better the performance to your Septic System.

Septicleanse offers many options for homeowners to consider.  Some for serious problems and others for those homeowners looking to prevent these headaches.  You may be surprised by how far a little patience and a High Quality Septic Treatment will go.  Restore Your Septic System with Septicleanse