Choosing the Right Septic Treatment for You

Septic Treatments come in different strength and sizes – choose carefully

Your septic system is making it difficult for you to ignore its problems any more.  You are wondering just what you need to do to get things working properly again.  Perhaps, a septic contractor has given you a quote for the necessary repair work, or maybe you are just doing your homework first.  Either way, you know your septic system needs some help, what do you do next?

The first thing you need to do is to gather some general information about their septic system.  Are you aware of how old the septic system is?  If not, do you know how old the home is?  If you have been living in the home for many years you may have a good understanding of this information, but if you recently purchased a home you may not know every detail about your septic system.  Septic Systems over 10 years old are considered to be ‘old’ in the eyes of the treatments you will need.

Once you have established the general age of the system you can begin to narrow down the treatment options you have for you.  Older systems or systems that are experiencing problems like back ups or flooding in the yard need to look for the ‘Shock’ category of septic treatment.  Those homes that are not dealing with any problems or have been using treatments regularly for the past 2 years can adopt monthly septic “Maintenance” category treatments.

The older your system is, the more likely it is to have build up in the drain field and lateral lines.  Septic systems can work without problems for decades in some instances, however there is always buildup of waste at the soil line and in the lateral lines.  The longer the system runs, the more build up is likely.  If the system is older and you are having some trouble, it is important to understand that using a monthly treatment may not be enough to reverse the extent of the build up common with older systems.

For Systems with No Problems Yet

Your system seems to be working ok.  You are not experiencing any back ups or flooding in the drain field or above the septic tank.  You simply want to make sure you protect yourself and your investment from a potential repair bill that could cost up to $20,000 depending on your location.  You are making the right choice in acting now to protect your system.  You can use regular monthly maintenance treatments for your system.  Be sure to check that the treatments are restorative rather than preventative.  If your system has a few years under its belt, it is best to use ‘restorative’ treatments as they will better reverse the existing build up in the lateral lines and drain field.

For Older Systems or Problematic Systems 

If your system is struggling to keep up with the household water consumption and either gurgles during water use or backs up or floods the yard, your system is showing the signs of its age.  Build up has begun to saturate your drain field and is restricting the amount of water that can be absorbed quickly.  This causes the struggle and back up or flood in the yard.

For your circumstance, you want to find yourself a powerful Shock Treatment designed to restore your drain field and lateral lines.  These treatments may cost a few hundred dollars, around the same price as having the system pumped out, but within a few weeks time they can restore your septic system to the proper performance.

With older systems it is important to adopt a maintenance program following the shock treatment.  Regular use of a monthly treatment will continue to prolong the life of your septic system and protect your wallet from a major expense.